Experience the Kazematten

The Kazematten, Bunkers and Surroundings

In 1921 it was decided to construct the Afsluitdijk. In order to protect the ´Holland Stronghold´, the Department of War wanted extra defences placed at the northern end of the Afsluitdijk. That is the reason why the fortifications: the casemates were built.


At first the Germans were not very interested in the installation and it served as a guarded crossing and control post. There were coastguards posted there and German Military Border police. When the Germans started to lose the War (defeat at El Alamein and Stalingrad) the installation was fully manned in 1943.


In the Kazemattenmuseum there are exhibitions and stories about the period of the building of the Afsluitdijk until the ‘Cold war’ period. The reason for these exhibitions is to address and keep alive the knowledge about the historical events that took place around Kornwerderzand.

Introductionfilm Kazemattenmuseum Kornwerderzand

Historical interview with veteran Kornwerderzand


The audio tour “Indestructible Stories” takes you back to the period of the Second World War and brings back special memories of soldiers, resistance fighters and former residents of Kornwerderzand. A tour with encounters on the large museum grounds.

With your own mobile phone you can listen to the stories. The QR- and login codes are available at the ticket office and thus the audio-route can be retrieved in no time. A map shows the way and on the terrain the listening points are easy to find due to the striking identification marks. “Indestructible Stories” is available in three languages and free of charge to all visitors to the museum.

Because there is no WiFi on site, a mobile phone with an internet connection is necessary.