In the Kazemattenmuseum there are exhibitions and stories about the period of the building of the Afsluitdijk until the ‘Cold war’ period. The reason for these expositions is to address and keep alive the knowledge about the historical events
that took place around Kornwerderzand.

The Visitors Centre

  • Film of interviews with veterans who served at Kornwerderzand in May 1940.

Kazemat B – Generator casemate

  • A generator emplacement as it occurs in a number of the casemates.

German kitchen

  • An overview of the plans for the construction and build of the Afsluitdijk
    Kazemat XIV – Kitchen casemate and Anti-aircraft chamber.
  • The original kitchen
  • Soldier’s quarters
  • The position at Wons
  • Anti-aircraft cannon

Replica of a casemate as built in the Wons fortifications

  • A casemate made of wood and soil, as they existed in the Wons fortifications

The monument square

  • Three Casualties-Of-War monuments

German Guardroom

  • The story about the gunboat Hr. Ms. Johan Maurits of Nassau.

Kazemat IV – Command casemate

  • Command chamber
  • Telephone exchange
  • Days at Kornwerderzand in May 1940
  • Gunnery chamber

Bunker 18 – German cannon casemate

  • Open emplacement German Anti-aircraft gun
  • German anti-tank cannon

Kazemat V – Machine Gun casemate

  • The resistance in the area
  • Story of the Lockheed Hudson that crashed

German Guardroom

  • Information about the Atlantic Wall

Kazemat VI – Cannon casemate

  • Cannon chamber
  • Weapons chamber
  • War in the air around the area of the IJsselmeer
  • Liberation

Kazemat VII – Search light casemate

  • Search light
  • ‘Cold War’
  • History of the Kazemattenmuseum