2020 a special year.

This year we are celebrating the fact that we have lived in Freedom for 75 years. A special year for everyone, and certainly for our museum. Even though we are still closed for the individual visitor, there are many extra activities on the agenda this year. We are able to welcome almost 90 schools with a total number of 2500 pupils to celebrate this milestone of freedom with us.

However, as we all know we are having to contend with the Corona virus world- wide. After 75 years of freedom, our freedom at the moment, with good reason, and with sensible measures, is restricted. For our museum this means that this year instead of 1st April our doors will open for the individual visitors starting on the 1st June.

Like everyone else we will have to consider the situation each day. Through our Website and Facebook News we shall keep you up to date with the decisions we have had to make about the planned activities ect.

Meanwhile, thank you for your consideration.