onliner 9

Bridges usually go up. There are swing bridges at Kornwerderzand and Den Oever. Why is that?

onliner 8

Have you ever wondered what the word ‘casemate’ means and where it comes from?

Onliner 7

Kornwerderzand May 1940: All the civilian homes, fuel station and hotel/restaurant had been blown up, completely destroyed! Why did this village have to disappear?

Onliner 6

Who were the secret agents on board the Lockheed Hudson FK790 that crashed into the IJsselmeer near Kornwerderzand?

Oneliner 5

After the war the fortification at Kornwerderzand was abandoned, but not for long. Why were there military from the NATO in the casemates (bunkers) from 1952 to 1960?

Oneliner 4

How did the Dutch naval vessel the Hr. Ms. Johan Maurits van Nassau and her crew manage after the successful mission against the German artillery at the head the Afsluitdijk?