Oneliner 1

How was it possible that 225 Dutch soldiers positioned at Kornwerderzand were able to hold back 17.000 German soldiers?

Oneliner 2

The position at Wons was made up of simple field defences, road blocks and fields that could be flooded with water. How could the Germans still reach the Afsluitdijk?

Oneliner 3

Casemate VII is the so called โ€œSearchlight casemateโ€. Inside a sort of mirror reflection system had been planned, where the searchlight was placed inside and the mirrors outside. Why is there finally a searchlight set up in a fixed position?

Oneliner 4

How did the Dutch naval vessel the Hr. Ms. Johan Maurits van Nassau and her crew manage after the successful mission against the German artillery at the head the Afsluitdijk?

Oneliner 5

After the war the fortification at Kornwerderzand was abandoned, but not for long. Why were there military from the NATO in the casemates (bunkers) from 1952 to 1960?

Onliner 6

Who were the secret agents on board the Lockheed Hudson FK790 that crashed into the IJsselmeer near Kornwerderzand?